Strategic Plan

On September 20, 2002, in anticipation of the November 5 passage of the local bond measure, the District directed the facilitation of an implementation plan for the Building for Success program. This process began with a series of workshops with District staff and consultants. The workshop issues and discussions were focused on nine topics:

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Facts
  • Assumptions
  • Strategies
  • Resources
  • Organizational Structure
  • Information and Control Systems
  • Specific Action Items

The issues identified in the nine topics were generated from review of the Proposition U text and exhibits; information from the Poway Unified School District Strategic Plan and the Poway Unified School District Facilities Master Plan; and, excerpts from the K-12 planning workshops held for each school in the bond program.

The following list of Goals and Objectives provides a summary of the process results:


  • Enhance student achievement
  • Provide facilities that support an optimal learning environment
  • Support equitable learning opportunities
  • Ensure every student has a seat
  • Provide safe and healthy facilities
  • Increase student access to technology
  • Maximize efficient and sustainable facilities
  • Support and encourage cost-effective facility solutions
  • Maximize State funding
  • Minimize District staff impact


  • Connect schools to their communities
  • Keep stakeholders informed through adequate communication
  • Minimize network of recent improvements
  • Minimize impact on existing operations
  • Optimize open space on campuses
  • Optimize operating and maintenance costs
  • Produce flexibility in the teaching environment
  • Add to the student pride felt for good facilities and classrooms