Del Norte High School

Estimated Construction Start Date: April 2007
Estimated Completion Date: August 2009

Del Norte Aerial Map and Construction Schedule - click for larger view

Del Norte Aerial Map Del Norte Schedule

  • Del Norte Admin
  • Del Norte Gym
  • Del Norte Theater
  • Del Norte
  • 5068 1-28-2009 Gym - Pool Complex & Tennis Cts 1 1
  • 5068 1-28-2009 Gym- Pool Bldgs - Pool 2 1
  • 5068 1-28-2009 Stadium 3 1
  • 5068 1-28-2009 Total Site B 4 1
  • 5068 1-28-2009 Total Site 5 1
  • DNHS Aerial 6-2008
  • 5068 8-06-2008 Bldg A 1 1
  • 5068 8-06-2008 Bldg B, Shelter,C & Q 2 1
  • 5068 8-06-2008 Bldgs M,M,P 3 1
  • 5068 8-06-2008 Bldgs M,N & P 4 1
  • 5068 8-06-2008 Entire Site 5 1
  • Del Norte Aerial Classrooms
  • Del Norte Aerial Gymnasium
  • Del Norte Aerial Stadium & Fields
  • Del Norte 2-07-2008 Bldg L and K5
  • Del Norte 2-15-2008 Bldg N Pour
  • Del Norte 2-15-2008 Bldg N1  Pour
  • Del Norte 2-15-2008 Bldg N2
  • Del Norte 2-21-2008 Bldg P Pour
  • Del Norte Construction
  • Classroom Bldg D
  • Bldg A3
  • Del Norte Construction
  • Del Norte Construction
  • Del Norte Construction
  • Del Norte Classroom Bldg D
  • Del Norte Classroom Bldgs L-J
  • Construction6
  • Construction7
  • Construction8
  • Lunch Area
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Location: 62-Acre site east of Deer Ridge Drive in 4S Ranch

210,093 square feet
Grades 9 through 12
45 Standard Classrooms
12 Science Labs
5 Art Labs
2 Music Classroom
5 Special Education Classrooms
1 Drama Classroom
11 Vocational Education Classrooms/Labs
1 ASB Classroom
6 Physical Education Classrooms
Sports Stadium
Swimming Pool
Research Center
Shower and Locker Facilities
Performing Arts Complex
Administrative Facilities
Food Service and miscellaneous support facilities

Del Norte is designed to meet the demands of the 21st century. At the core of the school’s design are four essential elements of learning including connectedness, flexibility, collaboration and communication. The radial layout of the campus instills a sense of connectedness between all of the core elements.

A two-story building fronts the campus consisting of Administrative and Staff Support areas, Food Service Facilities, and Research and Development Labs. Central support areas will allow staff to collaborate in creating cross-curricular educational materials. Flexible space planning in the Research and Development Labs allows outreach to the business community.

Students will extend learning beyond the walls of the traditional classroom by participating in on-site real world conditions. The Research Center is designed to provide for complex information and communication needs. Spaces allow for individual and collaborative research and presentation as well as casual reading.

At the core of the campus is a common area ringed by a pedestrian boulevard designed to foster a sense of interaction and communication as well as address the needs of individuals. Academic core areas proximate to the campus commons are designed with flexibility to serve either student grade level or academic village methodology. Flexible space planning allows these areas to adapt to future educational trends as they unfold.

The Fine Arts Village is designed to blend traditional mediums of visual arts, drama and music with emerging electronic trends. Physical separation of the three art functions provides outdoor patio spaces for additional work area as well as instruction. The Physical Education Village lies on the opposite side of the campus commons from the Fine Arts Village.

A competition size Gymnasium, Weight Room, Training Room, Shower and Locker Facilities, Gymnastics, Aerobics and Dance Rooms. Outdoor Stadium, Swimming Pool, Baseball/Softball Fields, Track and Field Facilities and other support spaces will assure that Del Norte will share in the District’s winning athletic traditions.

A school-wide data and multi-media network will allow any work station on campus to access a central database of information to share relevant software or access the internet/world wide web. The multi-media network will allow all appropriate spaces to create, send and receive video communications.

Del Norte has been designed for approximately 2,250 students. Space for an additional 20 relocatable buildings has been allotted for the future if needed.

Del Norte High School is scheduled to open in September 2009.

The total construction costs, including land acquisitions, landscaping, planning, engineering, furniture, equipment, State agency fees and contingencies are estimated to be approximately $150,000,000. The State will participate in this project with approximately half of the project costs.